Sunday, February 24, 2013

Redemption with Ode to Musicals

Well I have to agree with my fellow blogger Paul. The musical tribute was phenomenal. It definitely made up for the Bond tribute falling flat. I was impressed that Catherine Zeta Jones was still as flexible as she was when she filmed the movie Chicago in 2002. The dance number and singing was right out of the movie (if only Taye Diggs could have reprized his role as the piano player). Jennifer Hudson wowed the audience (and earned a standing ovation) for her performance and stunned most of America with her dramatic weight loss. She also did an outstanding job doing the song that earned her her own Oscar. The finale of the tribute was amazing with the entire main cast of Les Miserable doing the first act finale "One Day More." Even though  it was not hard to gather the entire cast since Les Mis was nominated, it was impressive how many of the non nominated actors attended. Also I applaud Russell Crowe coming out and singing since out of all of the cast members he was the most ridiculed for his performance. Actually with him coming out singing live, I gained more respect for his performance knowing that he did not need to be pre-recorded and mixed in order to make his singing acceptable. It was an awesome tribute to musicals, reliving some of the best musicals of recent years, alerting the audience that good musicals are not dead but alive and well.