Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bond Homage: Not So Much

So the much anticipated 50th anniversary of James Bond homage just occurred and all I can say is ehhhh. As an homage they thought it fit just to show clips of the different films. I was hoping that they were going to pull out a few surprises....Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, or how great would it have been if they were able to pull Sean Connery out of retirement to make an appearance. They did get Shirley Bassey to sing Goldfinger the hit song from the movie of the same name but she sounded a little flat and all we could talk about was her dress and how you could see the seams making us thing for a second that she had horrible plastic surgery. All in all it was mighty disappointing since none of the Bonds made an appearance. Another comment that has nothing to do with Bond, I like this year how they put all of the nominees for the smaller categories like Best Animated Short or Best Makeup in a box next to the stage so they could cut down on the time it takes for the winner to walk to the stage. It is definitely an improvement from the show a few years back when they had all of the nominees stand on stage making it awkward when the winner emerged and the and loser had to sink back into the darkness. The show is still going strong and there have been no big upsets yet. Let's see how night continues.