Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Overview

Well the Oscars are over and wow what a show. I knew it was going to be great show when right off the bat Seth MacFarlane came out and kid Tommy Lee Jones at looking so sullen at the Golden Globes. I will have to say this was one of the best Oscar broadcasts I have seen in the past few years. The host was entertaining for both old and young audiences. The special performances (with the exception of the Bond tribute) were stellar. The ode to musicals and seeing Barbara Streisand made this broadcast epic. The winners were on and on pretty much predictable. I was happy to see Chistoph Waltz win over Tommy Lew Jones. He is a phenomenal actor and was born to recite Tarantino words. I guess the big "upset" if you would call it that (the critics were predicting that it would be a possibility) was Ang Lee winning Best Director. He deserved to win for Life of Pi for it is a magnificent piece of art. Plus since the Academy snubbed Ben Affleck, the award was pretty much up for grabs. The favorite was Steven Spielberg but though a talented director, I don't think Lincoln was an example of his best work. The end scene was too sentimental and staged much like the end scene of Schindler's List. Though despite all of the stars (and two previous Sexiest Man Alive Ben Affleck and George Clooney winning best picture for Argo), the biggest star of the night was Seth MacFarlane. He was able to weave his crude humor ridiculing Hollywood with classic Oscar paraphernalia that made him seem not so disrespectful. He was not afraid to offend warning the audience that if he they thought he went to far, just wait to see what he had coming up next. He kept the show moving but also kept it entertaining. If William Shatner was correct, I think the future will be correct in giving him a standing ovation for his efforts. Signing off, I hope you enjoyed the show and looking forward to the next Game of Thrones post.